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Epiphany Counseling


Define your journey and live well.
Are you undergoing transition, feeling discontent, or searching for clarity? 

One of our basic human needs is the self-awareness that allows us to navigate life and to heal.

Consider yourself a priority today, and contact me

About Epiphany Counseling

Epiphany Counseling offers hope for all families, couples, and individuals who desire clarity and healing in their relationships.


My approach is compassion-based and client-centered to help you define your needs and develop greater understanding for yourself and others.

Practicing awareness through therapy, you can become more present within your own life, confront harmful ways of thinking, and discover new freedom in your inner life as well as your relationships.


With just a little water, wildflowers have the ability to grow around stone. Similarly, applying fresh awareness to your life can help you move through challenges that might have seemed hopeless.

Contact me to talk about what counseling could look like for you or your family.





Julie Larkin, MA, LMFT, NCC

Counseling Services

Therapy can provide the change you need to move past challenges or through grief. It is possible to find greater peace within your own life, whether you are single, married, in relationships that aren't working, or seeking answers for yourself.

"Julie is humble, empathic, trustworthy and a caring counseling professional. She is a skilled therapist, passionate about mental health and her clients.  Julie's clinical approach is empathetic, non-judgmental, and individualized based on her client's needs. I highly recommend and endorse Julie as a counselor for individuals, couples and families."

Harini Sukumaran, Child & Family Therapist. 2017


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