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Inspired by Negativity

How can it be that anyone would be inspired by negative perspectives? When I hear anyone say that something is not working right in their relationships I ponder their view of present circumstances: I become inspired to dismantle the raw negativity they sense.

There are many ways to ponder our circumstances and we can become stifled when we feel stuck or limited. Negativity is proven to interrupt receptors in the brain that function to prompt healthier thinking. When negative thinking takes over depression can reside and fewer options may feel like the only answer.

Negativity can become a catalyst for growth in some circumstances. Other times it could be that there is a need to grieve. A need to grieve? Yes, there are times we encounter seasons in our lives where we hold a sense of loss deep within us and we know something doesn't feel right. Learning how to manage your thoughts and feelings is key to thriving well. Fresh perspectives can be life-changing.

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