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Fireplace Conversations

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Autumn is in the air and change is inevitable. The cold weather brings opportunities to gather around a fireplace or snuggle into our softest blanket. When "quality time" is your Love Language, this is a real treat! Memories are made of the "time we fell asleep in front of the fire" and the lights went back on and we had no curtains up in our new home. You can fill in the rest of this story. You have been there or experienced similar. We just don't share that with everyone.

This is similar to the way we may feel about counseling. It may feel dark and daunting even though it doesn't need to feel that way. We may think something like this: "We should be able to work this out!" The problem is; it is dark, and cold, and there is that feeling that your communication cycles will change somehow, at some point. The truth is, we need fresh perspectives to initiate new beginnings. All of us do! Even those who have been married for many years.

When we desire to make life memorable, what do we do first? We plan and we take the time to initiate something that sparks us into action. This is how many of us were captivated by our love for our partner. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help with becoming aware of our thoughts and behaviors and the unique ways we communicate individually, and together. It is a bridge to new paths of thinking, which motivates us to stronger relational capacities. Feeling happy and strengthened in your relationships begins with your choice to do something different. I hope you consider yourself a priority and reach out soon. I am here to help because I believe in you.

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